Everything you need

to create engaging experiences in your digital channels.


Segment users based on their friction points while navigating through customer journeys.


Use easily customizable visual dashboards to discover friction points and reasons for abandonment.


Collect user behavior data without having to depend on your IT department or deploys.


Regularly receive insights and generate hypothesis to improve your conversion rate.


Publish personalized experiences to different user segments in real time.


Use A/B testing to validate your hypotheses and increase your digital channel performance.

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Invest in experiences

For only US$ 100 per month you can start offering better experiences to your customers

Lead generation

Takes advantage of all the traffic that comes to your landing pages improving their conversion rate to generate more leads.

Optimize self-service journeys

Help your customers be more successful in using digital self-services through personalized experiences.

Boost your e-commerce sales

Identify the points of friction in the buying journey, offering experiences at the right time to improve sales.

It is really easy to optimize

your customer experiences

  • 1

    Install LumisCX Manager scripts in your digital channels.

  • 2

    Collect behavioral data and analyze your customer journeys.

  • 3

    Start optimizing your customer experiences.


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